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About OSU

Every year more than 35,000 students attend Oklahoma State University online or at one of our five campus locations. We are proud to be a land-grant university, which means we open our doors to all who want to pursue higher education. As a land-grant university, OSU improves quality of life by bringing new technologies, processes, research and medicines to the marketplace. As a Carnegie top-tier research university, our innovative academics develop our students’ intellect and creativity. We believe that OSU is the premiere place to receive a well-rounded, affordable college education. At OSU, students have the opportunity to learn from and work with nationally recognized and published professors and researchers who provide the needed motivation and support to help you reach your highest potential. We hope you choose to pursue your dream of a higher education at OSU. We extend a warm welcome and believe you have a life-changing journey ahead with endless opportunities to make your future exactly what you want it to be. Go Pokes!


OSU Fast Facts


OSU Online Degree Advantages

  • 87% of OSU graduates report being employed full time with average annual earnings of $45,000.
  • College graduates are employed more than twice the rate of individuals without a college degree. By 2020 more than 65% of jobs will require some postsecondary education.
  • College graduates earn 56% more than high school graduates. According to the Economic Policy Institute, individuals with postsecondary education are experiencing growth in their incomes while individuals without postsecondary education credentials are experiencing declines in theirs.
  • College graduates report feeling confident and very satisfied in their careers. Completing a college degree creates a sense of accomplishment that boosts individual’s performance and overall confidence in their work.
  • College graduates are less impacted by economic downturns and job losses. They are more marketable and able to find new jobs when there are negative job impacts.
  • #1 Top College in Oklahoma: OSU bests all Oklahoma universities for its online education opportunities, said Top Colleges: Online Colleges.
  • OSU's Master’s in Management Information Systems ranks No. 10 Best Master’s in Management Information Systems Online Degree Programs for 2018.

OSU Online Awards and Rankings


What Are Online Courses Like?

OSU online courses are the same content as our on-campus courses. The amount of time needed to dedicate to the class is the same as well. Typical courses are 16 weeks with some shorter courses.  OSU faculty connect with online students and provide various ways to engage through assignments, discussion and group work. Communication with your professors is easy through email, phone, or virtual conferencing. OSU provides many support services to online students.  

Most classes are taught through the Canvas learning management system. Canvas is a cloud-based system that is set up with each of your courses with links to lectures,  assignments and other learning activities, quizzes and tests. Access Canvas at or through the OSU portal at There you will see your courses listed on the dashboard. Learn more about Canvas features to help you stay on track!


Benefits of Online Learning

1. Added flexibility and self-paced learning.
Many online students work full time or  travel, so logging into class at a convenient time is important to balance work and home life. Additionally, students have access to lectures and materials which provides a convenient way to revisit main concepts. 

2. Better Time Management

Online students learn how to manage their time well. Employers admire the balance it takes to juggle work, online classes, and life in general. Because there are no class set times within an online degree program, students have the flexibility to set their own schedules. This shows that an individual is proactive, productive and can multi task. 

3. Demonstrates Self-Motivation

One of the top ten employability skills is self-motivation. Earning your degree online while balancing other priorities demonstrates independence and self-motivation to complete multiple projects and priorities. 

4. Broader, global perspective

Students in online courses at OSU often come from various areas in the U.S. and all over the world. Class discussions are broadened with a variety of perspectives and experiences. Employers are looking for employees who can bring innovative ideas, and learning from others in online classes will broaden your concepts. 

5. Critical-thinking Skills
Online learning forces you to develop your critical thinking skills in ways that you might not have practiced in an in-person classroom setting. 



Oklahoma State University holds institutional accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, HLC.


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