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Why study Computer Science online through OSU?

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program helps students develop skills in the design, implementation and testing of computer programs. Students graduating from OSU’s Computer Science program are hired into various industries including energy, medical software, aeronautics, national defense, finance/banking, computer development and IT. The curriculum begins with a strong foundation in an object-oriented programming language to establish good programming practices.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers comprehensive online degrees to fit your busy schedule. Using the latest technologies, we put computer science courses within reach for students who are not able to attend classes on campus or commit to full time, face-to-face enrollment due to the time constraints of working full time and raising a family. OSU uses Canvas for our learning management system. Canvas hosts your online courses and content. From lectures to discussions to submitting assignments, all course interaction can be completed entirely online. All you need is the necessary discipline and access to computer capabilities. All instructors who teach online learning courses are the same quality faculty who teach on-campus courses.


Tips for Online Students



Courses provide further instruction in computer systems, data structures and operating systems. Computer science electives offer opportunities to focus on skills such as computer security, mobile applications, database systems and more. Students will build a strong mathematical background through Calculus I, II and III, as well as Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Methods.




Find admission requirements for online, freshman, international, readmission, concurrent and other students here:


OSU Undergraduate Admissions


Transfer Student Admissions and Transfer Credit Guide

You should apply as a transfer student if you have attempted a minimum of 7 semester hours of college-level credit after graduation from high school. Want to know what credits transfer? Check out the Transfer Credit Guide.




2020-2021 Estimated Cost
  Resident Non-Resident
Tuition $178.55 $695.90
Fees $232.05 $232.05
Total $410.60 $927.95
Set semester block rate tuition & fees (12-18 hrs) $4,509.00 $12,269.25

* This is only an estimate of costs, based on currently approved 2020–2021 rates. Cost estimates do not include textbooks or exam and course fees. Costs will vary if coursework is not fully completed online. Active-duty military may qualify for resident tuition rate. Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Full disclaimer




Scholarships and Financial Aid


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